Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm not asking that you take me as I am, I'm not asking that you take me, at all...

Where there is Light, there is darkness:  my personal liberation rant.

 I am perpetually forgetful- if you tell me something of importance, I'll likely forget it.
 I'm often lazy-if you offer to do it for me, I'll let you.
 And I'm highly distractable-ooooh, what's that shiny thing?!
 I'm flighty, high strung, and have a healthy Irish temper.
 I have little patience for excuses and I always procrastinate.

What I offer of myself I offer without conditions, and for the sake of sharing.  I expect nothing in return.  I'm not asking you to take me as I am, I'm not asking you to take me, at all.  I'm not asking anything from you, as I have everything I need.   I dont seek approval,  respect, or even your love; although if you offer it, without conditions, I'll accept it with immense gratitude.

 If I have something you want/need, you can have it.  You're welcome to take what you can use, and leave the rest-  LEAVE the rest---ALONE.  I'm very happy to keep it.  I embrace all of my attributes, and I hope you embrace yours.   I wont hide my colors, and although I dress myself in the brighter characteristics of my personality like clothing, and offer you the most attractive features, if you choose to look closer you'll undoubtedly notice a rainbow of my other "styles" coming through.  I'll never ask you to take anything from me, offered or noticed.  I'll not pretend to be anything but myself, and will only offer what I truly feel is valuable.  If you  expect more from me than what I am and what I offer, then the disappointment you experience belongs to you.

I will always treat you in kind.  I respect your human-ness.  I acknowledge and appreciate the Light of your spirit, and unless you offer me your other colors for consideration, I wont examine them. I'll never expect anything from you but what you give willingly and who you are, naturally.

Boy, getting older really IS liberating.

Today, and every day may we only take from eachother what we can use to grow in love, and may we respect eachother's personal human journey.

Blessings of Love and Light,

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