Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Heart is Weeping

I just can’t get the devastation in Japan out of my heart and mind. I appreciate the international media's care in editing the videos so that we didn’t see any of the driving vehicles or the people walking getting swept up in front of our eyes, but just seeing them in the distance and knowing the terror they faced in their last moments is maddening. Thinking about the mothers who couldn’t get to their children at school, or the children who don’t know where their parents are now is breaking my heart. How can I justify just going on with my Saturday knowing the suffering of our fellow human beings? And even if I could justify it, my heart couldn’t' accomplish it anyway.

Right now-RIGHT THIS SECOND in Japan thousands of women are searching for their families in the debris of what was their community just 48 hours ago.  RIGHT THIS SECOND women are being captured and brutally beaten in the Middle East. RIGHT THIS SECOND in the Conga, thousands of people are being brutally killed; women being gang raped and forced to watch their children slaughtered.  TODAY the FBI will receive 2000 missing child reports in the USA, 74% of them will be female, and many of those teenagers feared to be sold into sex trafficking right here in America-which means that RIGHT NOW, a child is being terrified and teenage girls are being raped by our American men.  And right now, I'm in my beautiful house, listening to my children play, drinking coffee and writing while my husband gets errands heart is heavy, my conscience at odds, and my mind determined.

What is happening to our world?  And how can we be so brazen to think that this devastation is not coming for us?  Buddha said that "The world will be saved by the western woman".  What is it that we are to do?  As women, especially, we have so many blessings that much of the rest of the world isn't privy to.  Our sisters  right here at home and around the world are raped, beaten, treated like animals.  What are we doing to help them?

Our fellow mothers and sisters cannot feed their families, are forced to drink and serve to their children water that they know will kill them.  Little boys forced to watch their sisters and mothers brutalized.  And we, with all of our resources, and all of our blessings, and all of our entitlement feel helpless. We close our eyes because it is too painful to watch.  But once we know, and still do nothing, we are in part to blame for its continuation.

We are so busy with our carpools, and out task lists and our jobs, and our play dates, basketball, karate, softball, soccer, girl scouts, dance lessons, guitar lessons, haircuts, deadlines, parties…we choose not to look at the women whose struggles are to stay alive, and keep comfortable their baby who is dying before their eyes with no medical access.

There are things we can do.  It does take time and effort to figure out exactly what those things are.  I promise that when Eve Rising Wellness Center opens, my friends will have a place to find these answers.  It is my mission to bring as many of the sisterhood together to aid our fellow sisters.  To learn how to change and grow personally by connecting individuals to teachers who will inspire us to become our authentic selves, and help us reach our potential-individually and collectively, and by encouraging new and inspiring friendships that will aid us on our path of growth.  To  link each of us with members of our local, regional community who we can help in a very direct way, to link us to the agencies and organizations who can teach us how to help with international efforts to serve our sisters and families around the world.  If the world can be saved by the western woman, don’t we have a responsibility to be part of the healing?

And what can we do in the quiet of our minds, before we have tangible items and tasks in front of us?  We can PRAY.  WE can breathe deeply and slowly and replace the focus of ourselves with the focus of our sisters.  WE can send them our love and our power to be strong.  WE can pray over a map of the world, sending our intentions to each region. And if you can call your BFF and do this together-even more  powerful.  Feel the pain, for as you feel the pain, you alleviate some of it from the sisters who are in the middle of it.  Help take some of their suffering away by accepting it into your personal experience.   And of course, we can donate money to the organizations that we already know are helping our sisters.  An email to your senator and the president offering your concern and support of aid to any region you feel compelled to isn't a bad idea either.

May peace, healing, and Light of the Universe surround our fellow human beings everywhere, be the air that they breathe, filling them with a sense of calm, strength and knowing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that we will all be one again.   And may the Light of The Universe surround all of us in the blessed countries, be the air that we breathe, filling us with a sense of compassionate responsibility, and determination, and knowledge that we are all one, right now...what happens to one of our sisters, happens to us.  And when we help one, we help all.

Peace, Love, Health and safety.

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