Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Everything Roses

When I look at my life I cant help but assume that somewhere, at some time, I did something really, REALLY nice for someone of extreme spiritual importance.  I fantasize that maybe it was even an angel posing as a human.

I mean, certainly I have never travelled the traditional route or engaged in the western approach to achievement, but somehow I landed here, in this life; and because I know that we are all bound by the natural laws of the universe: karma, cause & effect, ect., I cannot deny that I deserve everything I've got.  (whether I like it or not).

There have always been people (and always will be) who say I've not worked for what I've received.  That blessings just land in my lap, that no matter what I do-or how much I mess it all up, it always comes up roses in the end.  And that is cause for frustration by some-and always pleasant surprise for me. However, if it's makes the frustrated feel better, to whom much is given, much is expected (the blessing and the curse).  And certainly, the frustrated have not taken a look at my tired, and tattered shoes.

There have always been, and will always be people who feel better about themselves by pointing out my (and your) flaws, mistakes, weaknesses (as if we, especially women, dont already brood over those lists every day).  I certainly don't try to be the best-I gave up competition when I took the crown off my head in 1994, and couldn't care any less about good,better, best.   I certainly dont claim to be smart, organized, or an expert at ANYTHING I DO; although I know my gifts and weaknesses intimately.  What I DO put effort into caring about is honoring my authentic self by listening to my inner voice, respectfully bringing to physical manifestation the surges of inspiration that I receive, and caring for myself-body, mind & spirit. Thats conscious and healthy selfishness. I also try to be a good momma and wife, sister, daughter and friend.  

Beyond that, what I do outwardly, and possibly what I've always done is for the sake of sharing with others-not because I'm a good person, but becasue that is just who my authentic self is.  It's the way I'm wired.

You see, it's the INTENTION behind the inspiration that determines your outcome.  What are your motives?  Are they selfish-I mean the ego-driven kind of selfish?  Certainly there's  nothing wrong with knowing your personal value, that's the healthy-selfish I alluded to earlier. Why and for whom are you wanting this?  Important question- heck, the most important question.  

Moral:  when the soil of your garden  is fed with nutrients (Intentions) that are rich in love, compassion & benefit for others, then the seeds (Inspiration) you plant will not only grow, but will always come up smelling of roses.  
.....No matter how inept you are as a gardener.

and that's the truth for today.

Happy Tuesday!

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