Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do Unto Yourself as you wish other's would!

Go easy on yourself today.  Be kind to yourself.  Treat YOURSELF as you wish others would treat you!  For you cannot to give to others what you dont give to yourself first...nor can others give to you what you haven't already granted yourself.
Do you feel un-loved?  LOVE YOURSELF!  How?  Well, how would you love your best friend if she were feeling as you are right now? 
Do you feel un-appreciated?  Appreciate yourself!  How?  Well, how would you show appreciation to your best friend if she felt as you do right now?
Feel un-productive?  Un-happy?  Un-energized?  un-worthy?
Give these gifts to yourself!  Practice being your own best friend! 
If you dont, no one else can....for you ccannot recieve anything from outside of yourself that you haven't accepted from within yourself first.
Be kind and gentle to yourself today. 
No one is judging you, but you............ Give yourself a break, for Godssake!  :)

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